Which Lights are better?

Hi! Can you guys help me figure out which Lights are better for my Low-Poly car?



  • Option 1, Plain
  • Option 2, Detailed

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In my opinion, point lights are better especially for a car.

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What about the back of it? Would the surface lights be fine?

I think surface lights for the back lights will be perfect.

It’s ironic that i put surface and point lights, I didn’t mean it literally, i meant by the pictures i provided. :stuck_out_tongue: :laughing:

Ummm… you can’t really see any differences in either of the pictures…

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Honestly, it’s very hard to tell. The angle and colors of the two examples aren’t the same which makes them look pretty identical.

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@Krunnie @NicholasMcK
No, guys not the actual lights. I mean by the way they’re built they both have point lights I just named them differently and heres the update

Updated Version!

Back Lights ^

Both lights^

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like in this picture?


Yes, in that picture a combination of both looks nice.

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Well, Thanks! Do you mind if I DM you, I want to learn about ui designing. (Or just hire you to work on a game with me.)

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