Which Logo Looks Better?

Greetings, I need some help on a logo I made and idk which one I should use, know Ik I can pick for myself but they both look so good, tell me which one I should use please.

(sorry if I am not using my commissions sheet, I forgot to download it from my twitter and save it on my school computer that I am currently using)


The second logo is more appealing, although it shouldn’t have as much spacing between Plus and +.


I am gonna wait for more people to reply and then ill consider by the end of the day.


I think the second logo is better,i dont know why,but i like it!

The second logo feels more…Sonic-y


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The second one looks better but that space between plus and +…no.

Coming from sonic the hedgehog himself:

I like the second logo, the first one is too slow

Make the + icon in the second logo closer to the word plus.

Oh hi Sonic where are your Chili Dogs

Yeah the Plus Icon feels way too far on the Logo, might wanna fix the positioning on that & it should be all good to go hopefully :thinking:

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i will try fixing it, so ill see

The first logo is also nice but the second one to me looks better :smiley:

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I prefer the second one, it has a little more depth.

I like the first one, probably because I owned the mega collection +


I like the first one but he second one is pretty good except the + symbol is way to far out in my opinion but everything else is fine! Good Job bro.

Second on for sure, in my opinion. Though I think that the “Plus” and “+” could either be closer together, or you can remove the “+” completely. “Sonic Plus” without the + sign already seems to convey the logo in a more simple way.

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I like the second one better but please remove the spacing from the plus and the + .

the plus symbol was necessary so yea


I’ll try to move it closer but I have to get in discord cause I posted it in a alt account of mine so i can edit it but if not ill remake it

The second logo looks better for me, I just would to delete the space between the “Plus +”

yea i have gotten tons of comments from that from others, I will try to remove it if i can

If it’s supposed to be classic themed then choose the first one. If you want a modern look kind of look then choose the second. Personally, I prefer the second.

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