Which logo should I pick for our new game?

Hey there! I’m working on a new game with @PapiRobuc and I have worked on two designs for a logo. I’m not sure which one I should pick so I’ll let you decide! I’m thinking on changing the colour too but I think the current colours look fine. Also, if you have any suggestions, be sure to tell us!

Logo 1

Logo 2

Vote below:

  • Logo 1
  • Logo 2

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Why not both?
One for a splash screen, the other for things like loading screens ect.


That is a great idea! I might do that!

What’s the point of that? The first one looks a lot better

The first would go great as a header, if you have a menu beneath it, the buttons/ text boxes are likely square, meaning this will pop-out as it breaks the “norm”.
However, if you wanted it to be more uniform, if it wasn’t the focus of the screen/if it was under something, then the latter is more appropriate.

Tbh, its subjective, the first one pops, the latter doesn’t as much.

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Logo 1 but straighten up the flames, fire doesn’t rise at that angle


Could have different purposes. As people stated on in a Start Page, and another on a thumbnail.

Would putting the blue flames behind the text help?

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For some reason the fire obscuring the edges of the text really unsatisfies me.

Pretty cool otherwise :wink:

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Like this?



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I would make the flames smaller but yeah it looks good!

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I like having multiple logos personally

there are benefits to having one logo, or multiple it all varies

but I have different logo for my game icon, than I do for my splash screen, and my advertisements contain an altered logo depending on the add (banner as different variant then skyscraper)

you could probably put both to use

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Such a clear winner damn

It’s a sketchy thing to have multiple logos, especially if they vary greatly, people often will remember your brand or image by one logo, if they see another, they may pass up on it because they don’t recognize the brand.

There are time were multiple logos are fine tho, but for public image/advertising it’s best to keep it fluid w/ the same one throughout, one marketing tip you always hear is to make sure all of your account art is the same/flows per account. :stuck_out_tongue:

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