Which Material is Better?

So,a friend of mine sais the cobblestone looks better,we are going for a slightly medieval style,I wanna know more opinions :slight_smile: (Keep in mind that this build isn t even half-done)


Well have a nice day :innocent:


I would say the cobblestone one in my honest opinion, it fits the medieval theme more. :slight_smile:

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Nice work :slight_smile:

Honestly, blue is not a good color for a medieval style house. But if I had to choose one I’d choose the house with the cobblestone walls as it seems more cobbled together, like many medieval houses would have looked like.


I’ll add a poll so people can vote without having to post.

  • Slate
  • Cobblestone

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You can build medieval style too ony by using SmoothPlastic or Plastic, of course, if you are trying to maka a realistic medieval style, try using textures instead of roblox materials, you can find good textures in the Toolbox or make your own textures!

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Cobble stone great job (30 Characters)


Lol people seem to love this image–I built it around a month ago and have seen a few pictures of it. :slight_smile:

As for the OP, I would say Cobblestone.


I would say cobblestone in my opinion, because it fits more in with the medieval style.

As mentioned, the cobblestone fits well with the medieval style. This is a nice build and I hope whatever you’re doing goes well!

medieval builds tend to not be light colours so I suggest changing it to a beige, but they’re both good so keep cobblestone.

As a person that knows a small amount about medieval designs I tend to see these builds strive in cobblestone with a little wife material don’t just make the entire building out of cobblestone because it’ll just look basic in a sort of way.

Medieval themes often featur a dark wooden material with cobblestone implemented on to the house itself. Look at images and you’ll see it features white and cobblestone as the base then it builds its way up but still feature those, same shade of color as well. Also, experiment with the roof material.

I feel like placing shingles or tiles to capture that medieval feel would be a nice addition to add looking at this image below you’ll see it feature 3 materials on the building consider using a image when choosing the correct materials.


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This question seems rather easily answered, not really worth creating a topic over. Imo, slate. In other peoples opinion, cobblestone. Do what you think looks better.

It depends on what kind of theme you’re looking for, cobblestone would look great if it’s more of a medieval look.

Cobblestone all day everyday! Looks great on medieval houses.


I just had a dispute with a friend and cuz I don t work alone on this we decided the fairest way was to ask the other people/the forum and I seem to have lost the argument XD

Ah okay. I personally think cobblestone looks unappealing and the slate fits better but that’s just me. gj and gl

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It really depends on what you’re looking for. In my opinion, both look great. If you want a simple look, I would go for Slate. But if you want something more detailed, Cobblestone would look nice as well.

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