Which method is better?

I am making a competitive game where there’s matchmaking and everything and this is how I imagined it to work:

  • On the main game, it will be the casual version of the game 24/7
  • On the main game there is an option to do competitive matchmaking.

So, now that I got that laid out, I need to know which method is better:

  • 1 place that has the whole game and lobby
    • If the server is a main place, then it will start a casual game and has UI that leads to the competitive game
    • If the server is a reserved place, then it will start a competitive game
  • 1 place that has the game and the other with the menu/lobby and the other place has the game engine
    • The lobby place teleports the player to a subplace server that is set to be a casual game
    • The lobby place can also teleport the player to the same subplace but to a server that is set to be a comp game.

If it sounds confusing let me know, I will try to explain it in better detail.

It depends on future investments on how you want to expand further. The former ports to only a singular type of game with a competitive option that is separate. The latter is almost mini-game-esque and alludes to a singular hub for different game modes of the game.

Both architectures are doable. Just handled differently.

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