Which method of object serialization available right now supports meshes?

I’ve made a robot arm that’s animated via a bone length change, and need a serialization method that’s good enough to save/load both meshes, skinned meshes, welds, and scripts while the serialization is being preformed in-game.
What’s a good cover-all for this?
Are the above requirements even able to be saved at all?

I know any un-serialize-able models could be stored on the server and then requested by serialized placeholder parts upon load, but that would still require scripts to be savable at a minimum.

If it’s possible, let me know!


What do you mean by saving and loading meshes? Aren’t those handled as assets? I’ve done sone serialization code recently and I will advise that you reduce the amount of stuff that needs saved as much as possible, or writing all of this will be very tedious and error prone.

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