Which name is best for a zombie tower defence game[Poll]

Which name is best for a zombie-themed tower defence which has guns and pets

  • Zombie Defence
  • Apocalypse Simulator

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I opted for “Zombie Defence” because I am biased towards simulator games. Primarily, it’s because Roblox simulators aren’t real simulators, and as such shouldn’t even be flinging the word “simulator” in their title. Personally, I think that calling your game a simulator would make it appeal to younger users who always try out these kinds of games, but would probably turn away more mature players / veterans, so in the end, it depends on what kind of game you’re going for.

Hope this helped!


I think Zombie ‘‘defence’’ it’s better, I don’t know why, but one thing: Please, don’t create a game named ‘‘Tower DefenCe’’ :'0 . You should write ‘‘defense’’ if you want more visits and more likes, I think ortography it’s such important in your games.
Have a nice day!

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