Which Obby could be the most trending and popular one for kids these days?

As the topic pretty much explains itself, I am wanting to create a new parkour obby but am not getting any cool ideas, would really love some! Thank you!


Actually, I just want to give an idea about this, first off, children would want to play obby’s based on something popular or trending these days.
For example, Baldi’s Basics obby or Spongebob Obby.
This things used to be trending and children would want to play the types of obbys that are based on something trending for kids.

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Thing is, I don’t wanna make something that has been made tons of times.

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Any popular obby theme has probably already been made. You have to make yours unique if you want it to stand out. Maybe better builds? Unique obstacles? etc

I possibly have an idea of an Escape Flamingo Obby.