Which one did a better job? (Please Vote)

About us

Hi there! Me and @Gamer_Flash905 decided to build the same low poly building to see who can do a better job and to improve. We need constructive criticism and we need you to pick one of the 2. (The Build you pick in the poll is the winner)


Build 1

Build 2



Please provide us with criticism so that we can improve!

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:
This is our reference picture. We did not make the burger/bushes though.

  • Build 1
  • Build 2

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you must decorate it more, it’s a bit simple

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Please specify which one you are talking about. (Unless you mean both)

Just a note, the screenshots of Build 2 seem a bit more pixelated than those of Build 1, you may want to make them of equal graphics quality because it might look like one has an unfair advantage over or more appeal than the other :slight_smile:

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Each one of us took his own pictures so honestly I agree, @Gamer_Flash905 needs better screenshots.

both of them.
1 is fine but you should add more things.
2 you should add more color

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that’s very true.
2 seems very dark

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Build 2, I would DEFINITELY change the red of it to 1’s red colour.

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Uhmmmm, so you mean that build 2 did a better job, yet it has to have the color that build 1 has?

Hi there i saw you comment on someones build, here is what i think . . .

Take note this is constructive criticism . . .

Build 1

The Cooling Thing On The Roof is far off shape
the Cooler on the roof
The Things above the window shapes are off shape need to be more of a slope

Build 2

Need the Cooler
Same for the slope thing on 1
Other then that 8/10
Some Colors Look Funky idk maybe its my monitor lmao

Didn’t say it had to, the brighter more vibrant red colour, I think, would go really well with the low-poly design and cartoony feel. It also makes the features look more exaggerated and overall nice looking in my opinion.

Uhmmm, Build 1 has a cooler yet Build 2 doesn’t, I can’t really tell what your monitor is showing you but yeah, Build 1 has the cooler on top, Build 2 doesn’t.

what you say is very true.some things are missing from these constructions

I find Build 2 closer to the reference picture, but It depends on what you think you want.

Though I think you need to add a vent to it.

Hope this helps!

sorry ill fix it lol i did it the wrong way xD

Results are in! Build 2 is the winner.

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Build 2 is fundamentally flawed in reference to the provided picture. While 2 did offer more similar aspects to the reference picture, it has bunch of flaws with grid. Rotation, and position of parts are not aligned.

Build 1 is therefore superior as the quality is higher and has a higher potential to be improved.


Yeah, I agree with your opinion! Happy new years! :slightly_smiling_face:


Happy new years to you too, buddy ^^

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Thanks for your opinion, and have a nice day!

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