Which one do you use to make good icon or image (with out using photoshop or any payment)

Hello there,
Can you guys give me a link that makes your decal or image look good or even great? but I asking this without photoshop or any payment. so… can you guys give me a link that can make your icon great!

this is just a question that was need

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i can make profile pictures of your own roblox skin i can show u some that i made on discord

no i mean like what kind of programme should I use without any payment

i use paint.net its a super good photoshop pogram

can you tell me why you like this programme and why it is so special then photoshop.
is there a other programme that can help you make a good icon

because there is a wondertool and with it you can remove backgrounds its sick

Photoshop is mostly used by a lot of gfx or icon artists, I would honestly use Photoshop.

is there a link to photoshop with out any payment

I dont think you should try to find a crack because most of the photoshop without payment are just a virus and wasting your time. Anyways it is your own choice if you really need photoshop, but I dont have any links.

thanks for reply here and i agree with this issue

Yea I get it too Photoshop is a really expensive Application not everyone can afford it. :confused:

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PhotoPea is online and it’s a free version of Photoshop. I’ve used it for stuff at school before.

i make profile pic for developers on discord and gif and they are happy with so some players like the other program more than others lest bhonest

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Its true you might be already fammiliar with paint.net so you know all the tools and ect. But there is one thing to consider when talking about wich program is the best, can you do effects like in i5k’s icons, is there tutorials, and the most important does it upload a quality icon(HD)?

I use Photopea for making UI’s and Game Logos.
It is 100% free too

Here are some examples -

Team Create
The is a team change UI that I made

This is a l game logo that I made

I’m the best in creating Logos :sweat:

can you tell me where do I start on this programme

I use to do art all the time using paint.net but I lost interest as paint.net changes you’re file size for some reason at the moment I use an online editor.

Change the background as you want and make the resolution as you want

I don’t have a video editor that’s why I can’t write a text in the video(Sorry if you still can’t understand :frowning: )


thanks for the help and here have my solution so that you can be a better developer one day. I hope you have a wonderful day


your right photopea is good do you have dicord

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