Which One Is better?

Hey, I would like to know which of the six armor the color fit the best . The theme of the armor is about insects.Also, they all contains the same design only the color is changed.

Feel Free to leave any feedback I would really appreciate!

Thank you!


In my opinion, I really like Number 4. It contains a lot of detail and is not distracting, and it still keeps that forest-green vibe.


Number 5 seems amazing because it contains great design’s.


number 4 because it seems more natural and normal to the eyes, the rest are like burning my eyes if u know what i mean yeyeye

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I’d say number 4 or number 6. Everything else has too much or too little contrast.

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number 4 is the best, just right contrast, blackness, and that. everything else has kinda undistinguishable colors

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Number 3, 4 & 6. You need to lower 3’s brightness, it’s pretty bright and hurt’s my eyes!

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Number 4 looks really great, use that one.

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Number 4 is the best. It fits the most with the insect theme.

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You should try to use more contrast, option 4 is the one with the most contrast but I think the green and green scheme doesn’t really fit well. I saw one of your previous posts struggled with color and contrast as well.

If you desaturate the picture you can see if your contrast could use a little work or not, as for colors it isn’t a necessarily good idea to put 2 of the same colors for the same piece. You should try to look for colors that compliment the other color.

As for the project you’re working on I’m really intrigued on what the finished product will be. I heard you were going to turn it into 3D when you’re done, so I can’t wait to see what that’ll look like!

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