Which pair of images looks better?

Me and my developer friend have ran into an issue, we’re unsure whether which images look better for the starting GUI. Our final decision was to let the better-informed community decide, it’s up to you to decide which IMAGES, NOT THE GUI DESIGN looks better.

I personally believe the first selection is better because it is clearer and shows a more sort of neutrality, while as he believes the second selection is better because it appears as a more interesting design and variety as well as unique.

Selection One:

Selection Two:

So, what do you think?

  • I strongly agree the first selection is better.
  • I slightly agree that the first selection is better.
  • I believe both are equal.
  • I slightly agree that the second selection is better.
  • I strongly believe the second image is better.

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I love the look of the image that is presented in the first selection but as for the rest of the images I prefer the second selection because personally I think that it just looks more detailed.

I have to agree. I personally like the unique shape behind the second because it seems to stand out to me more than the first one, justifying my vote. When it comes to the pictures, all of them are phenomenal! Amazing work!

Selection two looks a lot better in my opinion. Considering it’s not plain like the first one, the second one is better due to the fact they’re placed very well and have a lot more detail put into them.

The first one has too much empty space. That’s why I think the second one is better.

We’re unsure about the


I slightly agree that the second selection is better:
The placement of colors matters for me as a casual player, starting with a bright color doesn’t do it for me personally; Lost being last just works for me I guess.

I actually meant the images. Especially the last two of the first selection have a lot of empty space. Two characters and a little background.

Honestly i’d choose the 2nd design but with the background being dark like the first design.

In terms of the image graphics, I like:

Selection #2 Nether, Selection #2 Divine, Selection #1 Unity, Selection #1 Lost.

I like the #1 Unity and Lost better than the second ones. The characters are better framed, and just look a lot better.

In terms of image shape, I prefer rectangular.

In terms of the text, I would go with the second selection for all of them, with the black backing.