Which preforms better? Lighting.Compatibility or Lighting.Voxel?

Hi! I’m making a game using only gui and don’t need any high end rendering so I was wondering which preforms better, Compatibility, or Voxel


I rather Voxel, i think its way better

By that do you mean that it is easier on the game to render, or do you mean that you like the way it looks better? Keep in mind that my game is entirely gui, and only gui.

Even when the game is entirely a gui, Voxel is ver good, i still think it’s not laggy and stuff.
But as Compatibility don’t have much shadows, it’s better for heavy games.

I would assume Compatibility because Voxel has more advanced visual effects, but I’m not sure.

Either way, the difference would be very minor.


I don’t really think you need to worry about any lighting engine if your game is completely UI, however i assume you are gonna have a scenery as well to have a pleasing look, then i’d prefer to use any engine which makes it look good

Also isn’t voxel studio only right now??

Nope. Voxel is currently live.

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If your game is 100% GUI, this should hardly be a question considering there isn’t going to be any objects affected by lighting to render. At this point picking one method over the other is a micro optimization that wont make a difference. The best option is to go with the newer though, the newer lighting engine (Voxel) is likely to be much more optimized then the comparability which attempts to tie both systems, new and old, together.

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Compatibility was only ever implemented so that old games aren’t broken. The expectation for new games is that they would use Voxel.

… Having said that, you’re only using (on-screen?) gui for your game, so performance-wise Compatibility is about as fast as Voxel. You should still stick to Voxel, though.