Which program is better to use for building?


Never mind, I don’t know why, but blender was not responding then I ended the task and started it again and it worked.


I’ve started using blender maybe two or three weeks ago before reading this forum My Experience With Blender

I suggest you read it’s so well written and it may help other beginners. :grinning:


I suggest using blender. But you should try out both and see what works for you.


Just remember that Blender 2.8 is currently in beta so it may randomly crash. Don’t forget to save frequently.


Yeah, blender 2.8 is great, it is way more user-friendly and it’s overall a better version.


Unity is a game-development program moreso, just like ROBLOX, which is another engine.

If anything, I’d recommend you learn how to use Blender. ROBLOX unions can be very annoying sometimes, and can even get corrupted.

Within Blender, you can shape anything the way you want to. Heck, they even have a sculpt tool where you can make things such as animals or creatures.

Making objects symmetrical and lowering tri is also a lot easier than doing it in ROBLOX. If done right, Blender can remove a lot of lag compared to union-alternatives!

This is a picture of something I made in Blender:

I also made this creature:
(Sorry for the quality btw!)
The possibilities to creating assets in Blender are endless. That lantern took me less than an hour in Blender, but in ROBLOX - it would’ve took me ages!
Good luck with your modelling! :smile:


I’d definitely suggest blender, it is great for making terrain, models, or even animation. It is also pretty great because there are many tutorials out there on how to improve your abilities using it.


As for what Adigls stated, Blender is the most commonly used Software for Building, Modelling, Meshing & Rendering. Blender also is alot easier to use in my opinion, and there are lots of Tutorials for the Platform. Blender also gives a much larger selection of tools, textures & tools to use, this will bring the concept of detailing & different Modelling styles within your Builds. As for Blender’s large range of tools, this is extremely helpful for Developers to use the features that Blender provides and use them within the Game’s Builds.


As a beginner, I suggest to use blender for many reasons such as the following:
It is simple and only took about a day of watching tutorials to learn. However though, it is hard to retain the memory so I’d suggest writing down some key terms.
Texturing is extremely easy and simple to use. Plus, when you import it to studio you can still change the color and material even after textured.
There’s a large comminity of Roblox Developers who use blender as well so it’s easy to get help. There is also many tutorials as when I found I was trying to learn Unity, I seemed to see less. (?)
I have been using blender for over a year and found it amazing! Please ask me if you have any questions as I’m super happy to help!


Blender is more used among Roblox Devs. Also, there are lots of good tutorials on YouTube.


I’d recommend blender since it’s Roblox-compatible, and it’s fairly easy to use.