Which program is better to use for building?


What is better to use for Roblox Blender or Unity?

Also, it would be good if you also tell me why do you prefer this to the other?


Blender is the most common modeling software roblox developers use.Id recommend learning how to use blender as its very useful although i didnt hear about modeling in unity, maybe im just misinformed.


Unity is more like game development program as it has building and programing and it supports i think 2 language javascript and C#.


I would still recommend Blender for modeling.


Ok,Thanks for your suggestion.


I’d highly recommend using Blender, it’s interface is much easier to use and you have a lot more connections and ways to use blender meshes than those in Unity. Of course it’s up to you but I’d highly recommend blender.
Hope this helps!


Any ways to learn blender well?

Because I am bad at it as you can see in this picture.


I’d use this tutorial Blender Beginners Tutorial, it’s very helpful especially for beginners!


Agreed, Blender is one of the best modelling programs you could use. I’d recommend checking out this guide for tips on how to upload meshes properly. Good luck!


I would say Blender is the better one to use. I would recommend this tutorial for learning the basics of Blender: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JYj6e-72RDs&ab_channel=BlenderGuru


I highly suggest working with blender 2.8. Its much easier than remembering a bunch of keybinds on old blender, and 2.8 really reminds me of roblox studio. Very easier to use.


Ohhhhhh, wow that really looks like roblox i did not even knew if there was new version thanks a lot :heart:.


As others have said, Blender is the best choice between these two.
And to support the claim, the tools are very similar to ROBLOX Studio, like move, etc. If you want to get better at making amazing stuff in Blender, then you should look at some tutorials, and the rest is trial and error, until you meet the perfection. Good luck on your work with Blender!


@Zabazz it is not working for me.


Unity isn’t compatible with Roblox since its a completely different platform, it has different languages etc. and you can’t export something from unity and throw it into Roblox. Blender in the other hand is a 3d workspace where you can make renders, 3d models and animations. so please post your question as Whats better for building Cinema4d, blender or Maya


It’s possible your PC currently doesn’t have enough storage available to successfully run it.


More then 200GB space left in my pc.


Try restarting your computer? I’ve had this happen and the way I fixed it, was restarting. This happens with other programs too.


I already did that.


How about checking task-manager? Maybe there’s something using too much and all of your storage?