Which Roof Pattern Looks Better?

Which random brick pattern looks better?
Number 1 Or Number 2
Have other opinions great!
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I love to read them.

Just a heads up this is for a low poly house.

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  • Number 2

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I’m intrigued that we can only choose one of the two, because if you ask me, these patterns look virtually identical. They are so similar that the difference is insignificant.


Since the form of style i’m assuming your going for is more of a cartoony approach? The roof pattern look very similar with a more different rotation put into it there are variety of materials that are available to choose from. The style is an important factor that you in order for finding a proper roof designs.

I recommend taking a look at a few reference images and experiment with wide range of designs and see which ones suits your liking.

The roof design you have made from scratch looks bland and unappealing. A flat roof looks good and all, have you considered making parts out of tiles and rotating them to have a more house feel approach. Materials like slate, steel, plastic, could add a little bit more to the house structure;

Images related to different house 'roof designs'


I prefer 1, the bricks look spaced out more, giving the house an “ecstatic” look.

They look relatively the same though I’d say that the 2nd one is better to an extent. If possible, you could add a curve to the roof. As well as making it look less bland. Otherwise looks great.

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