Which simulator idea is better?

So recently, I’ve created a post about making a simulator and since that idea didn’t go that well I was thinking of a new idea.

Pet Master Simulator
In this world, you collect pet’s, each pet has unique abilities, levels, and skills (similar to pokemon if you know what it is). It’s similar to an open-world MMORPG, where you and your pets explore the world and take on monsters (that can be tamed as pets or defeated for loot). You can breed pets, train pets and etc.

Hero Simulator
This simulator is also similar to pet master simulator except that instead, the player has items such as swords, gear and etc. They fight monsters that can not be tamed as pets (pets can only be hatched through eggs) and gain experience throughout the world.

Which one is a better idea?

  • Pet Master Simulator
  • Hero Simulator

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If you have ideas or suggestions please let me know. Thank you!


I would say Hero Simulator. Everybody wants to be a hero, not so much a pet master.

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Ok, by just looking those two concepts, i will be honest, but both concepts are outdated.

Click in any of those summaries to show a different opinion that i have:

Why both concepts are outdated for me?

I already saw this kind of simulator concepts, because i know that everyone who wants to make a simulator, want to make it “Original”, but of course, it’s not original.

Pet Master Simulator: I heard games about pets: Pet Simulator 1 and 2, Pet farm Simulator, etc. Which makes this concept more unoriginal.

Hero Simulator: I heard this kind of concept too, about swords, monsters, etc.

So both concepts are already made, which makes your game more unoriginal.

Answering your question

Sorry by making this reply more off topic.

By the way, i would prefer Hero Simulator, because looks more fast paced, and that stuff, what i would recommend you, is do a pvp zone, where you can send players request to do a PvP and fight, the one who wins will get a huge prize.

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Thanks for your reply!

My plan for pet simulator was to make every pet unique with natures, abilities and stat growth system as well as gender for breeding. That was the main concept that was going to make the game more unique.

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It would be cool to see a game like hero simulator on the front page, there both great ideas but id prefer hero simulator.

The game ideas are good concepts but I would refrain from using the name “Simulator” in them due to how people generally view how most of those games work (repetitiveness) and that it is a pretty overused category.

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none from above. :expressionless:

I mean if that’s your ting to go for it, simulators are fun to some people just make the gameplay not repetitive and engaging.

I personally like both and as for a pet master look at Pokemon.

I don’t like Pokemon, so yeah.

That was not the point I make you said that nobody wanted to be a pet master. I was refering to the fact that a lot of people like pokemon.

Hero simulator would probably work, because if you look at all of the top performing simulators, they are related to rpg/mmo style stuff like swords, armor, etc.

You could do a mix of both, mainly Hero Simulator. By a mix of both I mean you could get like different pets for each hero you choose: lightning, fire, ice, invisibility. And you could make each pet have a certain ability like fire would have a fire zap ability which sets a villain on fire for 5 seconds, invisibility; your pet becomes invisible for 5 seconds so the villain NPCs don’t see them. Your breeding system could be added into this game as well so you could breed 2 pets together, for example fire and invisibility, and then it makes the pet look different and allows your pet to have invisibility and fire zap at the same time.

In conclusion, merge both the ideas and make the superheros have pets which have superpowers and become more powerful when you breed them together.

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Choosing from the two, I’d say hero simulator, it sounds more engaging and fun. However, I wouldn’t do any of these if I had the choice, both of these ideas have been produced many times by different people. I would look for a somewhat original idea.