Which software should I choose

Hello everyone

I wanna create some GUIs for my game but I don’t know which application to use. I have some experience with photoshop, but its too expensive. should I use pirated version, but where should I download it. If so is it safe(virus free).

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Some softwares for mainly graphics are either:

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okk thanks for the replay, But still photoshop is better

It is still better than nothing if you think about it. Although Photoshop is appealing, you would need somewhere to start off(earning at least something for beginner work). Earnings could possibly beneficially pay off for premium tools.


Paint dot net is a good one (https://www.getpaint.net/) as suggested by @Operatik before. While the base program might not be that great, it has a bunch of plugins which you can find on their forum to upgrade the software greatly.

As for your Photoshop, I reckon a few google searches will help you with your troubles. (For legal reasons, that’s a joke)

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If you have a drawing tablet / would like to use mouse and manually draw for some reason, use this

If you want an easier to use program that works best with mouse, use this

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An online alternative to photoshop, Photopea is a great program I use lots. Give it a try and see if it works for you.

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i had downloaded cracked photoshop once but i wasnt that good on photoshop ill tell you the link download the setup and then download the serial key and put it and your done

also if you want… you can extend your current serial key ( if had bought photoshop before you can use it without changing or buying new serial key)

i saw a comment but cant remember which video

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Thankz for all ur replays

Definitely try out all of ur suggestions

You may want to dive into variety of programs Inkscape - gimp, photopea are free you could go about and choose from it provides a bunch of tools and brushes and more whether you’re going for purchases options or free ones they produce similar designs and a cleaner interface.

The payed programs are more similar programs I wouldn’t recommend throwing money into it since it’s not something needed nor required to use for creating graphics.

There’s a bit of a learning curve and it’ll take time to learn how to make quality GUI whatever program your willing to use such as photoshop it produces similar looks as any other software out there from paid options to free open source ones.

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Dude, do you know how illegal that is in some countries? That’s called pirating.

You should really delete that link so you don’t get a lot of people in trouble.
If you didn’t know, <13 users can still look at devforum, so if they saw that without knowing it might be illegal, they might get it and possibly be arrested.

I know this is a bit crazy, but I’d delete it to stay safe

Despite photoshop’s seemingly endless skill ceiling, that also makes for quite a high floor! If recommend starting off with easier (yet powerful nonetheless) tools, I personally still love paint.net and the flexibility it gives with plugins and such. :smile:

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