Which spaceship game idea is better?

Hi! I am Wizzard. I am wondering what my next project should be? Below there are two different game ideas.

Spaceship Simulation Game

The game functions similar to work at a pizza place in the way that you pick a job and you roleplay. Except you will be on a spaceship/cruiser this time around. You will pick a role to play and you complete the overall mission with your crewmates.

Possible Goals

  • Delivering Precious cargo
  • Transporting people from one planet to another
  • etc.

Different Roles and what they do

  • Pilot (Steers the ship towards the destination.)
  • Assistant Pilot (Steers when the captain is busy with other things)
  • Mechanic (Will run around fixing parts of the ship that break, such as a reactor, or fuel talk.)
  • Gunner (Will operate the turrets and will shoot asteroids, enemy ships.)
  • Forge Master (Will operate the forges, they promised the materials received from the asteroids blown up by the gunners. The material can be converted into valuable ores, or fuel.)

Reward System

Each role has a way to earn cash which you can spend at any time.

Everyone will earn a cash sum on completion of the mission.

The pilot will earn cash routinely on a timer.

The engineer will be paid per fix

The gunner will be paid per monster, enemy ship, or asteroid shot.

The forge master will be paid per ore smelted.

Space Combat Game

There are two enemy sides of the map. Your team owns their “base” It has a health bar and can be attacked by ships gunfire or bombs. There are several islands in between them that you can capture. Once it is captured you can spawn there and it is like a big terf war. Like in a game called Naval Warfare. You will earn coins overtime, by killing players, and by capturing points. You will engage in fun battles with your friends bombing islands and taking cover. It is meant to be a modern version of Naval Warfare as the building style and graphics could be improved.


  • Capture islands to respawn
  • Destroy enemy base

Pros and Cons

Spaceship Simulation Game

[P] Pretty original

[P] A really cool sounding game idea

[C] Will take a long time to develop

[C] REQUIRES teamwork

Spaceship Combat Game

[P] I have some assets for buildings I can use which will speed development

[P] Development will be faster because there is less to do

[P] Games like that have a long average play time

[P] Overall less risk because there would be a less time/money investment

[C] Finding a scripter who can do guns and planes well AND is cheap is rare.

[C] It will be hard to make the game fun on mobile and probably won’t even be available on console.


I can do around 50k max or 175 USD. I will have to buy GFX because I make those myself. I would like to save around 20k for ads which leaves 30k for developers. I can probably mess with this figure if needed. I would pay the builder probably 7k because I have a portion of it already done if I do the combat game. I would pay the modeler 11k for ships/weapons and then the scripter 10k. This is a rough estimate.

Which idea would be easier to develop?
  • Spaceship Game
  • Space Combat Game

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Which idea is more profitable?
  • Spaceship Game
  • Spaceship Combat Game

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Which game sounds more fun?
  • Spaceship Game
  • Spaceship Combat Game

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Please reply with your reasoning.


Both sound really cool and fun. Maybe find a way to combine the two :sunglasses:


I really like the sound of the crew/job based spaceship game. It sounds really unique, and I think it would be really fun to play. I also think it has the potential to be more successful than the combat game, just because it’s more original.


Yeah, I’m just worried because one person can mess it up for everyone.

Well, you could make a votekick system for people who are trying to ruin it. Though this could easily be abused, there could be some sort of system where it logs the chat and actions done and uses webhooks to send that data to discord or something when someone gets votekicked. If a mod looks at the data and decides that they were abusing the votekick, then the person who submitted the votekick gets banned.


You could make a Spaceship game with the option to choose Spaceship Combat, using TeleportService teleporting people to whatever game they picked, so people get the best of both worlds! (Kind of like the play screen in piggy!)


That’s a pretty good idea, same franchise but different modes.

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Yes! You can profit from 2 different games, also making double the robux! Hope to see your game on the front page in the future! :grinning:

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I’m not sure if I will go through with it. 175 USD is a lot of money. Idk… I will of course develop too which I didn’t take into account with the cost lol.

We don’t have nearly enough games that sort of line up with “Work at a Pizza Place” in spirit


Oh? So there is a demand for those games? I thought people were tired of it.

There is alot of job games right now, like Crispy Chicken, and Pastriez Bakery, as just a few examples! Thats another thing you could try making!

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I would say spaceship is much fun because, you actually can do almost anything space-related you want, since you’re in a spaceship.

Take in an example like in

Innovation Spaceship

In this game, you get to explore around the spaceship and even explore around space itself! Well with a jetpack of course.

For the simulation game for a spaceship,
You can do something like that as well, even if it takes time you will get profit but you must put in good ads and sponsorships to it. You can even get profit from game passes, and premium payouts.

The more you take time for your game, the better it will be.

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I’d say spaceship simulation, but mostly because I wanted and tried to make a game like that.
Bias aside, I’d still say spaceship simulation because space FPS games would be boring if you try to make then realistic because there are No sounds in space so the gun shots would be silent. You can add sound just for the effect, and atmosphere tho. I’d like both because, both are original and very fun. spaceship simulation should have a custom ship pass using a grid system like build a boat for treason, but to unlock it, you need to get like for example 10,000 cash or something. I’d say both are even game ideas, I would play/like both evenly.

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I agree with what @ZDH_Dev said about combining both of them. You should obviously put fewer jobs, but maybe the workers could bring resources to the ships? But I personally think that the combat game sounds best because I’m not really into roleplay games.


the spaceship combat game has really already been done like theres this game that has like an average of 5 players called ‘space avengers’ but yeah i think it’ll be good.

also the spaceship simulation i would defo play, but would get bored after a while
a combination of the two might be hard to make but yeah MAKE IT OR ELSE

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I would go with the space simulation game. There’s already a few space fighting games such as Star Wars: Space Battle. The space simulation game sounds more unique, like others have already said and I feel that it will be more expandable. There’s not much else you could add to the space combat game, other than the classic “New spaceship!”, or “Alien pets!”. More ideas could be pulled into the space simulation game, which is why I would rather choose that.

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i agree, you could make it where the player needs to get cargo to a different place in space but other spaceships/npc’s are trying to shoot it down, but you also get more currency for completing the tasks.

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I’ma be honest have yall even tried to make a spaceship/airplane…It’s pretty Hard

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yeah i have acctually, and you are correct it is hard. but i bielieve the reward is greater than the effert that you need to put in.Of course if the game acctualy blows up.

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