Which Thumbnail is Best? | High Seas

I recently commissioned several pieces of artwork (credit @a_week, his artwork is amazing)

Thumbnail 1

Thumbnail 2

Thumbnail 3

Thumbnail 4

Which one looks best, and why? What would you suggest be the “main” thumbnail? What can be done better? I’d love to hear your thoughts and suggestions on this matter.

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  • Thumbnail 1
  • Thumbnail 2
  • Thumbnail 3
  • Thumbnail 4

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You can find the game here: High Seas [Beta] - Roblox


I’d say the 3rd thumbnail or 4th since they both follow the 1:1.614 ratio, or the “golden ratio”

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i like 2 , 3 , 4 but not 1 it looks confusing and messy imo


I agree with @CoolDestroyer89 that number 1 looks too messy and confusing. My favorites are 3 and 4, but out of those two I chose 3.

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1 is bad bc it is just a combination of all 3 other pictures AND a watermark

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I added that in just for the devforum :joy:

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What part about it throws it? Thank you all for your feedback :grin:

Number 2 or 3 because they look pretty good

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I won’t tell 1st thumbnail is bad, but you can make it even more better. Other thumbnails looks good :+1:

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the main thumbnail? anything except number 1. number 1 too cluttery number 2 is a good scene that shows the game, and number 4 could be a little more filled and complex, but i think number 3 is best.

also, the water doesn’t really look like water, maybe try using mantaflow

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Thank you @IceTheOneAndOnly, @gfdhfdhhfhfhhf, and @B2ontwitch! It helps a lot :slight_smile:

The water is definitely tricky to get down

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pretty simple with mantaflow, trust me
just mess with the material properties
and it also takes more time to render

I’ll definitely look into it, thanks!

Hm, does Mantaflow exist in Cinema 4D? I use C4D exclusively and this seems like an interesting plugin to use.
Thanks for your suggestion.

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I wouldn’t use the 1st one, but I would use the other 3. The first one seems a little overcomplicated in my opinion.

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oh. no. mantaflow is the blender fluid simulating engine.

I think all of these thumbnails could use massive improvements.

It’s hard to tell the characters from the background in some shots. There’s lots of blur to imply motion - however, when the object takes up so much of the screen, it makes the entire image look messy.

The ocean looks really unrealistic, but it doesn’t look particularly cartoony either. It’s some uncanny mix in my opinion.

#1 is great, but only if the outlines were clearer.

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Dont know much about thumbnails but the 2nd one looks appealing as it includes much more details then 3rd and 4th, assuming the 1st is a part of all of them.

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1 just hurts my eyes i cant understand it, the rest look good

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