Which tree is best to use

Hi, I’m making a forest map and Im not sure which tree I should use,
As the two on the left are between low poly and the two on the right are made of images and are more realistic
feedback is appreciated


well it depends if your making a realistic forest map or low poly, cause everything has to fit well.

although ive never seen any low poly forest maps before. i think you should go with low poly, idk

Well the maps between realistic and low poly, so you could say im trying to be between the 2

i’ll say you should use the one that gives the best peformance.

oh. well i guess i dont know what to choose if you are trying to be between the two. have you ever tried flipping a coin? :man_shrugging:
edit: wait try flipping a die instead

At least I would prefer to use the realistic trees on the side, but you can always decide yourself!

lol i think your right.
i wouldnt want to explode somebody’s computer.

The second one from the left seems like a good mix between realistic and low - poly

If you are doing low-poly, then go for the low polys!
If you do decide to use the low poly models, mix the two so it gives a variety in the forest.

I’d use the second one from the left, The realistic ones just look spiky and the one to the far left is also too spiky

Do you mind giving an example of the map? It’s difficult to decide if you don’t know the scenery it’s going to be in.

The 2 on the left for sure. The 2 on the left could even be better if you changed the trunk to smooth plastic instead of slate but they might look less realistic.

A forest where the terrain is hills, a valley where there is a river and in the background has mountains