While Loop inside thread

self.thread = task.spawn(function()
	while true do
		local success, previousActivity = self:SetActivity()
		if success then
			script.Parent.Parent.httpClient:SetAttribute("previous", previousActivity)

If I use task.cancel(self.thread) does it stop the while loop? Thanks!

Yeah so in this case task.cancel(self.thread) will stop the execution of the coroutine represented by self.thread.

For this simple task I just need task spawn and task cancel, I don’t need to use coroutine “way” right?

Right. Here’s the thing though, in this case, you’re using task.spawn and task.cancel to manage the execution of a function. You don’t need to manually handle coroutines as the task.spawn function already handles coroutine creations. So, you can use task.spawn to start the function and task.cancel to stop it.

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