Whippe Public Handbook

:coffee: What is Whippe?

Whippé is an upcoming roleplay cafe on ROBLOX. We strive to have the best customer satisfaction while maintaining a safe and enjoyable work environment for our employees. Within our community, we will provide you with an experience like no other!

Whippe is currently owned by, @ReWriteUs.


Server Guidelines

Do not post any NSFW images/graphic messages within our server. Swearing and profanity are allowed, however, if someone does direct a form of profanity regarding a message, video, or image and if you aren’t comfortable with it, you may inform one of our moderators and the issue will be resolved; meaning, that consequences will be led to that person.

Here at Whippé, we take bullying and disrespect very seriously. If you are caught in the act of bullying or disrespecting one of our community members it will result in a ban from our servers.

Pinging is allowed; nevertheless, there are still some rules that have to be met. Mass pinging a moderator+ is not allowed. If you need assistance, DM the moderator with evidence (a screenshot/video), and the issue will be resolved. Pinging in the form of spamming is also not allowed and will result in consequences.

Spamming is strictly not allowed, but only in the case that the number of messages doesn’t exceed the limit of 3. If you do surpass this limit, you will be given a warning. This does also include pinging, do not mass ping whatsoever, it will result in a form of punishment depending on the severity.

Do not use our channels in an incorrect manner, there are clear titles and categories for a good reference. Please only post messages in coordinating response to the correct channel to reassure an organized communications server.

Advertisements are restricted within our server, please do not post any form of advertisements towards your group whether it’s a message, video/image, or link. DM advertisement also falls within this category, it may result in a warning or a ban.

We recommend you look over the ToS guidelines to reassure your understanding of the rules required to be followed on Discord and ROBLOX.
ROBLOX ToS: https://en.help.roblox.com/hc/en-us/articles/115004647846-Roblox-Terms-of-Use
Discord ToS: https://discord.com/new/terms

Team Information

Here you can find each department and what they are used for,

@Staff-Relations: These people manage any reports, bans & operates the all the members of staff.
@Public-Relations: These people manage our business, our representatives, alliances and focusing in providing an amazing representation of Whippe.

:bar_chart: With that being said concludes our unique restaurants public handbook, if there is any changes made we will ensure to have a text below saying when it was updated.

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