White lines on mesh texture?

I’ve tried some solutions I have found but they dont seem to work?

Whenever I go close to the mesh it seems to minimize, but it is still there.

Edit @HK21C helped me fix it I had to remove all the 2nd vertices by selecting all the vertices, pressing m then clicking merge by distance then outlining a bit outside the uv map

i think this is more of an issue with your texture, and not the mesh itself, maybe there are white lines between the UV image?

Is there?

i think it’s that yeah, try scaling up the texture pieces manually in a photo editing software and see if that fixes it

if not it might be an issue with the mesh’s properties

I scaled it to 1600 x 1600 since my original size was 1024 and It did not change.

check if your graphics driver on your pc has any updates!! you may be experiencing a common bug where the textures have a weird outline on them, is your computer old?? try publishing the game and joining it on your phone to see if the issue still persists

Yes it still seems to happens, but it seems to appear and disappear a lot?

roblox automatically downscales images to 1024x1024 iirc, so this would have done nothing anyways. have you tried texturing this to a smaller size in blender instead??

Would resizing the texture in a photo editing software work?

tbh i don’t know. you could try, but there’s no guarantee it’ll work

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I tried re making it with a smaller canvas in blender but it didn’t seem to work either? This is a real pain.

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Any other ideas Man? Cause that one did not work.

have you tried looking at the mesh from another device?? it’s possible that there’s nothing wrong with the texture at all and it’s just your game bugging out.

You mentioned that earlier and it does not work, sorry for the hassle.

dw!! do you have a copy of it so i could look at it myself?? it’s ok if you say no lol

Yeah sure I’ll make a copy, is there a way I could message you privately?

yea!! there should be a button when you click on my profile here.