White lines on part textures

Hi everyone, couldn’t decide whether this belonged in the art support or building support, but I chose here since this is a problem with all textures I use, if it’s meant in art support, I can change it. Thanks! :sparkles:

I’m struggling with textures having these weird white lines when each texture ends. I’ve tried a lot of different toolbox textures and none are working. Screenshot:

If anyone knows how to remove them, that’d be great, thank you. <3


You can toggle this off through the ‘View’ tab in Studio, you can’t miss its grid icons.


I think you mean the “Show Grid” and “Grid Material” icons, which I’ve tried and they don’t change anything sadly.

Managed to figure out it’s only some textures that have this issue. Could just be a problem with some toolbox textures being rendered incorrectly, for anyone future reading this.