White Lines on Shirts

Heya!, I’m sorta new to Clothing Designing and I have realized that there are White Lines on shirts whenever I check them, can anyone help me?




I’m assuming the template you uploaded is the issue. It could be off-center, the color might not be extended enough, or the resolution could be off.

If using the following, then the ‘UP’ light blue parts of your clothing image would need to be extended.


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I think the issue might be my transparent template, but idk, I don’t see any issues with it

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Also forgot to mention, its not only the UP ones its on the torso too n stuff

Try painting slightly outside the lines on your template. If your paint program fills in edges with a slight blur it could be your issue. Colouring outside the lines might fixe it.
Do all the items have to be Transparent? If something like the Torso goes all the way around try making it a .jpg file instead of a .png file to see if that makes a difference.

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I tried painting the white lines on my shirt template already, it didn’t work and yes it does have to be transparent so I can add coloring

Did you paint the other areas outside the other edges. By this if you look at the diagram blue box with UP on it, paint outside the lines on all 4 sides of that box, and all the other boxes as well.
I use Paint.net, and there’s a percentage bar of how much fill is applied when painting. Slide the bar to the 100% end and try painting the edges

I do not use Paint.net, soo idk

but, i will try this when i make a clothing

Basically just zoom right into the edges of your image when colouring it. If the colour isn’t the same you can just recolour them or if the pixels are partially transparent then change their transparency.