White Oberon Genre

White Oberon, is a galactic conquest, rpg game that is currently under development, players can be part of vast galactic super-powers with space combat, ground combat and even galactic domination, but also learn about the deep lore this universe has to offer!

However id like some ideas to also keep the community interesed for a long period, im also accepting new members into the development team if you’re interesed.

Some Images of the genre itself.



Looks stunning keep up the great work

I cant even describe this. This is insane! This doesn’t even look like Roblox! Keep it up, this could become an awesome game!

Wondering if this is going to be a game. It has potential, kinda reminds me of the game “Warframe”

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It’s going to be a game, with multiple factions and a lot of things.

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Welp since it is. I’m going to be on a solid 14 fps when playing it.

This looks absolutely stunning! The building and attention to detail is impeccable, keep up the amazing work!

Wow! This is giving me goosebumps on how stunning these builds look! The design and detail of the ships and the planets and everything… it’s beautiful!

I would definitely try this game out, if my laptop doesn’t blow up immediately lol.