Whitecoast City Railway (WCR) | Update Log

Version 1.1: The Coast Update :ocean:

Added for v1.1

New stations:

  • Whitecoast South (Station with limited services, the trains only stop during Friday 6:00 UTC - until Sunday 18:00 UTC)
  • Mirna Harbour
  • Blackstone
  • Oakwich-On-Sea
  • Mirna Town
  • Mirna Beach
  • Redborough

New trains:

  • Class 320
  • Class 321
  • Class 323
  • Class 68 + mk5a coaches
  • Class 700

Other features:

  • Revamped UI
  • New PS locations
  • New semaphore signals
  • New assets: ticket machines, barriers, and many others
  • Junctions & Signalling rewrite
  • Revamped routes

Upgraded stations and features:

  • Rosewells
  • Bracknell Parkway
  • Loop has been renamed as Whitecoast Loop and now terminates at Whitecoast Central
  • Added a 1st class lounge at Norwich Central
    & more things for your enjoyment

:exclamation: | Important note: The routes have been changed, and all the coins for the routes you had purchased have been returned to you.

Version 1.0

Version 1.0: The big change.

Added for v1.0

First of all:

  • Reworked all scenery around the map
  • Some track sections have been redone
  • Tree model has been updated.


Weekly challenges are now available, along with role challenges.
Added [PS] Platform Staff role. Which includes a training, personal tab, features like station maintenance, and 4 different manual-announcements for you to play at stations, along with dispatching.
Added uniforms for staff, Platform Staff, drivers…
Working lifts which are made teleport to reduce lag.
Ticket machines are now available, and allows you to travel through the network with an unique ticket.
Train services are now made non-stop at some stations (currently Newingham Street with CL006 and CL014)
PIS are now added at concourse for you to see scheduled services.
Signal at depot is now shown at spawning.
Prediction of next signal based on route.
Feather signals were added.
Platform indicators were added.


Norwich Central: full rework
Bracknell Parkway: Full rework
Windy hill: minor upgrades
Kai Natural Park: Full rework
Mirna Docks: Extended platforms slightly
Northernville: Full rework
Rosewells: Extended platforms
Chichester City: Full rework
Chesterfield Green: Full rework
Whitecoast Park: Refresh + third platform
Newingham Street: full rework + made non-stop for CL006 and CL014 (to northernville)
Whitecoast Central: Refresh + 2 extra terminus platforms


Rosewells Depot: Extended
Chichester Depot: remade completely and renamed from Whitecoast Park Sidings to Chichester City. Whitecoast Park Sidings are made new, at another location.
Whitecoast Park Siding: Added
Kai Natural Park Sidings: Added
Norwich Central Sidings: Added


Class 331/195: Added 3 car
195 and 331: model refresh
Class 377: full rework
Class 158: Full rework
Added Class 121, 171 (w/1 variant), 170, 350, 450


Added variants into the game.
Fully reworked the menu
Fully reworked train drive system
Added the ability to change route at terminus stations
Added station announcements
Added on-board train announcements
Reworked the sound system to work with the new throttle system
Added railjoint sounds

Lot’s of bugs were fixed: here’s a list of some.

Delay message when you are not delayed (issue when the time goes an hour back!)
Not being able to close doors at some stations (more frequent now)
Terminus platform signals not accurate sometimes, resulting in yellow aspects when the platforms are full.
Train not working when changing directions
Train freezing for other clients while the driver isn’t freezed

Released 22/01/2023

Version 0.3.4

Version 0.3.4

Added for V.0.3.4

  • Snow removed
  • Snowy Trees removed
  • Scripts optimization
  • Signalling reworked
  • Screen system rework
  • New 1st person driving cam
  • Bug Fixes
  • Space between signals updated
  • Busy route system
  • Remake of the stops display
  • Door keybind updated
  • Increments in challenges rewards
  • 6+ stations reworked
  • Signal changes when spadding
  • New Depots!
  • Terminus Signals at 4 stations
  • New routes (4,5)
  • Anti-exploit update
  • Streaming System
  • New station: windy hill
  • Catenary reworked, pantograph up!
  • New intro and loading screen
  • Driving GUI major improvements
  • Stop display in driving gui
  • Schedule system in driving gui
  • Metro reworks
  • Improved Seating
  • Distance between stations
  • More!

Please note: some things could not be ready for this update. You can report bugs in our server!

Released 06/12/2022

Version 0.3.3

:snowflake: Version 0.3.3 “The Christmas Update” :snowflake:

Added for V.0.3.3

  • Snowy trees around the map
  • Most of the images changed inside the main menu
  • Snowy map, including hills and bushes
  • Lights at Norwich Central (ext,int) and all stations (exterior)
  • New Day-night cycle
  • Anti-exploit system
  • 331 dest board fixed
  • Signal W001 fixed
  • Added speed limits at CL010
  • Fixed viaduct tracks to avoid derails
  • More bug fixes, and small changes.
  • Reduced loading time at terminus by 5 seconds.
  • Trains do not collide between each other.
  • Headlights at trains!


Released 25th July 2021

Version 0.3.2

Added for V0.3.2

  • New Kai Natural Park > Improvements on scenery and station. Removed Mountains
  • New Class 195 & 331 with improved sounds
  • Rosewells Junction Fix
  • New Driving System V3, which means driving system is now moved to local
  • Better train movement system
  • Perfomance Improvements
  • Less time on loading screen (removed stupid things to load)
  • Camera fixes when driving (spawning), avoiding camera to return to previous position when moving it
  • New Screen message on scrolling screens
  • Rosewells Loop line improvements
  • Improved some route timings (some left thought)
  • Class 377 + 158 gui door buttons not working on the rear side has been fixed
  • Fixed W059 sensor being the wrong way around.
  • Added new emergency brake and removed the annoying respawn
  • Fixed R016 and others
  • Removed terrain
  • Changed Mirna Docks
  • Changed Intro Scene
  • Lighting Improvements such as DepthOfField and Blur Effects
  • Added lights at houses (not available at all buildings, yet)
  • Other bug fixes and issues.

Released 25th July 2021


Added and Fixed for 0.3.1,2,3,4

  • Fixed some collisions
  • Open/Close door keybind added
  • Updated map (doing this later)
  • Class 158 derailing after chesterfield, Fixed.
  • When approaching Bracknell, it will sometimes display Norwich central instead of bracknell, Fixed.
  • Lowered some markers at rosewells.
  • Improved movement in the 158, avoiding lag.
  • Finally Fixed northernville derails issue
  • Anchored some walls at WC
  • Fixed serveral collides I noticed around the map. Specially between Bracknell and Whitecoast Central.
  • Other minor bugs and issues
  • Fixed Rosewells P3 Exit Collide Issue
  • No more collides between Northernville and Chesterfield (hopefully no more derails in the class 158)
  • Made a smart way of data losing prevention (logs)
  • RoPresence now available at new stations
  • Menu buttons should not get over the shop frame now.
  • Fixes in Trainings:
  • Closed trainings shouldn not be opened at random times now
  • Staff Training button issue has been solved
  • Fixed Random training requests when pressing some buttons
  • Fixed some route timings (more to come)
  • Made rosewells sensors bigger, preventing random “overshot” messages
  • Other important bug fixes we noticed

Released 11,12,13,17th June 2021

Version 0.3.1

Added for V0.3.1

  • Expanded trees at norwich central
  • New sounds in both trains - thx to stefan!
  • Norwich Catenary has been “fixed”
  • Placed new bins around the map
  • Solved some collision bugs at kai natural park and others
  • Improved interior and lightning on the Class 158
  • Fixed some collisions inside 377 interior
  • Fixed 377 seating
  • Added a bridge to connect both platforms at Kai Natural Park.
  • Many others

Bugs Solved:

  • :white_check_mark: Rosewells P3 exit junction - The bug doesn’t happen when departing fast out of the station, but If you want want to do a realistic departure at 15mph, the train will stop moving.
  • :white_check_mark: Class 158 derailing after chesterfield
  • :white_check_mark: When approaching Bracknell, it will sometimes display Norwich central instead of bracknell.

Released 10th June 2021

Version 0.3.0X

Fixed for V0.3.0X

  • Fixed 377 passenger seats
  • Changed 377 horn (thanks to stefan)
  • Temporal Fix for the bracknell junction
  • Changed more trees to reduce lag
  • Fixed Platforms at Whitecoast Central with seats being wrong
  • Temporal fix to change directions (all trains, we’ll see)

Released 9th June 2021

Version 0.3.0

Added for V0.3.0

  • New Currency System with In-Game fully working purchases. Tickets and Coins.
  • Challenges are now available. Complete challenges to earn coins/tickets. Saturdays will be special days, which means there will be an extra “special” challenge!
  • Training Improvements
  • New Driving Module
  • RoPresence Fixes
  • Print messages on the menu should be gone
  • Driving System Improvements
  • New Spawning System & Modules
  • Track change on the whole map
  • Signal expanding
  • 3 New Depots/Sidings
  • New Speed Limits
  • Around 10 bug fixes.
  • Extension to Chichester Terminal
  • Extension to Northernville
  • New Driving GUI
  • Boards at Platforms - 3/4 types in total!
  • Improvements on Scenery
  • New Assets: AWS, Trees, Benches, Lamps…etc.
  • New Junctions Module
  • New Train (377)
  • 6 New stations for a total of 11.
  • New Routes Module
  • New Menu Intro Scene
  • 8 New Routes to be paid
  • Badges are now out.
  • Reduced lag around the whole map.

Released 8th June 2021

Version 0.2.2X

Fixes for V0.2.2X

  • Fixed “Staff” button showing for some UD’s at the time of joining trainings (thanks to [TD] autobus3017 and others)
  • Added new Training-Related Values for timezone changing - for the next time timezone changes, trainings will auto update to the timezone by updating those values
  • Ranking from Discord has been implemented and will be available from Today. Feel free to welcome new TD’s in TD Lounge when ranked!
  • Time frames showing current BST timezone has been fixed
  • Back button when viewing a training will now bring you to the “play, training, credits and updates buttons”.
  • Joining times are now sync with the BST Timezone.

Released 8th April 2021

Version 0.2.2

Added for V0.2.2

  • Lot’s of Bugs have been fixed
  • New Scenery in the map - Including Bracknell Parkway.
  • Optimization Updates
  • New Catenary
  • SIGNALS have been added around the map! (NOW OUT!)
  • Player limit increased to 15
  • New Lounges
  • New class 158
  • New ranks and Team Colors
  • Revamped Menu, new spawning system
  • New chat system
  • Improved Camera when driving
  • Added some more speed limits.
  • Changes on ro-presence
  • New Loading screen
  • MANY MORE! Join the game for more.
  • Animated Screens are out.
  • Camera is not returning to the start position now when driving.

Released 7th March 2021

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