Whitelist http://www.strawpoll.me/?

Sorry if this is the wrong forum but can strawpoll be whitelisted? I want to add a poll to a game description to get a feel for what users want but it seems like I’m stuck to using twitter.

Why not add a poll in-game?


The poll messages are unfortunately unmoderated, and ROBLOX has no control over the contents of the polls so this won’t happen. This is the same reason why Trello wouldn’t be whitelisted.

Now, I don’t agree with this justification but that’s what’s been given because it’s not hard to just click the link and check the contents of the link to see if its inappropriate anyway (like they currently have to do with twitter). You can therefore get around this by posting the strawpoll to a twitter, or using twitter’s polling system. Makes no sense to me but whatever.


Just do what 99.9% of people do, link to a tweet with said tweet containing the strawpoll link. I’m not sure if this is a rule that’s not allowed but I’ve never seen anything happen as a result?

The poll messages are unfortunately unmoderated

Well twitter is ‘to an extent’ because I’ve clicked a tweet someone linked on the forums and suddenly some giant teeties popped up in my face.

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Lets not forget about KKK, Nazi and pro-weed tweets on the forums and sometimes peoples blurbs/shouts and the occasional PM or group wall.