Whitelisting Products

I am currently making aviation products that I am going to sell for robux. The problem is, I know there are people out there that are going to re-sell my products. Is there any way I can make a whitelist system to prevent this? I have tried multiple youtube videos but they all seem too sketchy. Can anyone help me with this? Sorry if I put this in the wrong support channel. I had know idea where to put this.


Maybe put a watermark on it? Or put some kind of thing that lets them know that its made by you.

You could create some form of script requiring a script from the roblox library, destroying your model if they dont own the asset.

That can easily be deleted though

How do I make that script???

This kind of question, meaning in the scope of private modules or selling closed-source goods, has been asked many times before. Please use the search bar before posting threads.

Two recent examples I can think of off the top of my head:

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Make a require script and obfuscate it . Hope this helps :heart:

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Oops replied to the wrong person.

Obfuscation is security through obscurity which isn’t real security. Your script can be deobfuscated and stolen that way as well. You aren’t able to do closed source development here, especially not when it comes to models. The models can just have their code removed and be distributed that way.

For code, while there are options, they aren’t as versatile as an in-platform option and there’s already many gateways that don’t make this worth doing. Without some kind of messy workaround, it’s not completely possible to do this.

It’s better not to be concerned with selling goods and just sell services instead. Goods don’t fit every project nor theme, while offering a service means you can tailor assets towards a specific game, have a chance to network (building relationships for reputation and future opportunities) and you can even net higher gains.

PS: Try condensing your posts in the future. You could’ve added the second reply as an edit to your first response rather than posting twice.

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Can you tell us how to make the script?

Maybe create a module that whitelists the model AND makes it work

That way, if the player deletes the loader script, the product won’t work

Thank you for responding. Its been over 9 months since this post was created and I no longer have this issue. Have a great day! :smiley:

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