Who Here likes Burning the Heretics?

(Music is not mine)


Looks cool! i like the effects and the simple animation but eventually i think it would look alot cooler if you replaced the default roblox tool hotbar with something custom

Yeh! I’ve done that with some other games, actually. Tysm for thinking it’s cool!

What this requires: (5) [NEW] ServerSide Loader - Roblox
do NOT use this

I won’t. xD. It looks sketchy.

captcha is a devforum troll, dont do anything he says

BTW Burn the heretics looks cool
Maybe add a bit of surroundings so it is not bland

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I like this! I definitely like the animation you are using. Keep up the great work! :tada:

Yeh. I can tell his account looks quite suspicious. :thinking: Anyways, I’m not really working on that map anymore (since I can’t do terrain or build for the life of me) but I learned some pretty cool things from making that combat system! C:

Aw! Thanks so much! Means a lot. <3