Who Is OhNoesOreo?

Who Is OhNoesOreo? - My Roblox Story

2015 - I joined Roblox officially on October 13, 2015 at 11:57 PM CST. I found Roblox by my little sister (Moonstar12987) she showed me a game (I do not remember the name of it) after that I didn’t play for a few months.

2016 - I found a game called McDonalds Tycoon and once I joined that game my eyes where stunned. I loved how everything worked and the detail on the game even though later on I found better games. I fell in love with Roblox on that day. Everyday after school I rushed onto my tablet and went on Roblox to find other astonishing creations from other developers such as Royale High (we will be talking about that more later), Natural Disaster Survival, Flood Escape and much more. Roblox became my idol, an inspiration. I learned that Roblox was not just some 10 minute game to waste time, I learned that Roblox is a fun, wonderful, imagination spreading and all around amazing game for everyone. Roblox changed my prospective on everything, I learned how to be more social in real life and in games. And this was amazing for me because I have High Functioning Autism where by social skills are at an all time low and when I was around the age of 9 to 12 I was absolutely like a turtle stuck in it’s shell but Roblox changed me for the better. Later on I started to play more Royale High and I used to play every single day and I adored CallMehBob’s creations. I loved how functions where and the wing design.

2017 - I got my first ever PC (Laptop) and once I opened up Roblox I was filled with happiness. The first game I played I believe was Royale High or High School Dorm Life. Later on I noticed on the menu section there was a Create button. It showed a Roblox Studio once it finished downloading I was very confused but very hopeful. I found this section called “Toolbox” and I was just placing random models (free) all over and that’s it. The next day I decided to make my own model, I believe I made a car. I spent 2 hours on it and it looked horrible.

2018 - I watched a YouTube video on exploiting and I thought that was cool (I know nowadays it is not cool but I was young and just thought it seemed cool) so I downloaded an Exploit Tool for High School Dorm Life and I laughed everyday just using them because I felt powerful. A few days later I deleted the tool because it feel useless and got boring. One month passes by and I create a new account called Bijective, I thought this as a new start. I opened Roblox Studio and found a category called “Templates” (at the time I did not know what template meant) and I picked Runner. I messed around with free decals such as baldie and that’s basically it. I uploaded it calling it Zoja Runner a few months later I created a game called Prison Roleplay and at the time I loved the idea of oldie type games so I added old features. After I made that game I LOVED the conclusion. Although only people who joined where my friends. (2021 I changed it to Convicted) after a few weeks of development I created a game called Rotopia and I literally screamed after I finished. I always played it with my friends and sister. A month later I watched an episode of One Piece and right away I fell in love. So I decided to make a One Piece type game and little did I know it would be my third biggest game. I spent 2 years on that game and it is called Uprising but after I finished the game randomly stopped supporting R15 so it lost visits but still reached 800+.

2019 - I created a game called Bijective Minigames and I only took around 1 month or a few weeks and it only reached 45 visits so I discontinued it, later on 2 games broke due to the scripts getting older. A few days later I looked throughout the DevForums and found so many showcases and I loved them so I made my own, based on Star Wars called Illum Blox. It took around 3 months and that’s it. I posted it to the Forums and that’s all. A few days later I created a lazy game made withing literally 48 hours and little did I know it turned to be my biggest game ever. Called Worm Things. (Changed to Wormies in 2021) Within 5 weeks I BLEW UP, I reached 2,000 visits and I went insane telling my sister and my family and was really excited. I also began getting followers daily.

2020 - I stopped developing because my laptop broke. Still everyday gaining followers and visits and daily players. I also starting receiving robux all without asking my mom 24/7 from gamepass selling and donations. A few days later I got botted followers to 5,000. At first I was excited but then I noticed they where inactive and later on I just forgot about it.

2021 - Basically nothing happened this year, so far I got more followers up to 20,000 and I was so happy even though you guessed it… they where botted. I did reach 270k+ total visits and I was so excited telling my friends and everyone I met.

Anyways in conclusion. Roblox is an amazing place for people to play with each other and have fun. Roblox is more than what people think it is, Roblox is a family. We are all friends in some way and we all should appreciate each other. And everyone on Roblox is amazing and I respect everyone equally and hope all of you have a pleasant experience on Roblox.

Why not reply your experience on Roblox and your story.

That’s all for now folks. <3
Sincerely, OhNoesOreo

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