Whole tycoon building being put into ServerStorage

I’m making a tycoon game and, as stated in the title, the whole building is being put into ServerStorage even though there is not a script that does this for every part of the building.
Yes, I checked every script for parenting every object into ServerStorage, and no, there are not buttons/scripts targetted to most of the building; I only have a few buttons linked to the outside objects and nothing else. The building gets parented after the second time claiming, too.
Does anybody have any ideas or solutions?

So there is a script that does it for some parts of it? Can you please show us the script?

There are only scripts in the buttons for outside stuff like trees, paths, etc. There is an ObjectValue named “Target” which tells the button script what item to place into the workspace/put back into ServerStorage.
Here is a part of the script:

local function buy()
	button.Target.Value.Parent = button.Tycoon.Value -- Sets the target to the workspace
	button.Parent.Parent = button.BuyLocation.Value -- Parents the button to ServerStorage
	bought = true

local function unbuy() -- This part works
	button.Target.Value.Parent = targetSavedParent -- Sets the target back
	button.Parent = button.SavedParent.Value -- Sets the button back to where it was, so if it was in the path, it goes back there