Whole workspace is duplicated and mirrored upside-down

Hi everyone,

I’ve had this issue occur a couple times in this game now. For some players, the entire workspace is duplicated and mirrored upside-down. I’ve attached a few pics for reference.

I’ve looked through explorer and haven’t found any scripts or viruses that could cause it. It doesn’t happen to every person who joins. It occurred once a couple months ago, and occurred just again last night for two players. Haven’t seen anything on the forum that addresses this. Does anybody know what this is?

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

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Oh wow, I have never seen anything like this before… I have a few questions, are you replicatibg those buildings into the game when someone joins or are they already built and in the project. If you are replicating them it might be an issues with that. My only other idea would be for you to move to a different base plate? Also, if you are using ANY free models make sure there ain’t any malicious code inside of them.

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Nope, everything’s already built and in the project. No free models, and I sent through each script in the game (there’s only 13 total) and they’re all clean. I’ll try moving it to a new baseplate and see if the issue happens again, but I’m genuinely stumped over what could be causing this.

I know I shouldn’t be saying this, but this is actually kinda neat.

Does this happen in the Roblox Studio workspace? And are you able to select the objects?

It’s cool to look at, but also annoying to not know the cause lol. No issues in Studio, everything looks exactly as it’s supposed to.

I’ve never encountered the issue in-game myself, so I can’t test to see if I can select the items with in-game btools or not. It’s only happened twice to other people so far.

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Okay yeah change to a new baseplate and let me know what happens.