Why add badges to my game?

I would like to know what are ALL the advantages of having badges in my games.
I mean… Why spend 100 robux for each badge when I can program my own badge system using datastores?


Well, players like to collect them and show them on there profile, similar to how people show off trophies.


Badges potentially add play time (boosting avg visit length) and replayability.
They will also showcase on people’s profiles, and their friends may see a cool badge picture and be curious which game it came from, and before you know it, you’re getting more traffic from that. Sadly it’s not trackable where your visits come from.
I personally think it is worth the 100 Robux though, as it’s a fixed cost and potentially a lot of people can get the badge.


that explains the immense amount of badges so easy to obtain :thinking:
Does it really produce a significant change in visits?
As a player, I never usually observe my friends’ badges.


I don’t even see the point of them. I never see a badge with a 50% gain rate besides “Welcome to the game!” Badges. Also, I’ve never been interested in showing off my badges I got at all. They’re pretty much player points: Exploitable (games that give free badges and Player Points), and a waste of Robux.

Adding badges gives something to work for, to show off, and to be proud of. They show dedication to a game and skill. They help to keep player retention and keep the game fresh. Essentially, think of them like any other achievements in a game. You’re more likely to do something if there is an added benefit or reward to it, so making players work for badges is an amazingly effective way to keep players coming back to your game regularly.


Players in my game are pretty obsessed with getting badges. A badge’s effectiveness really depends for which type of achievement it gets added. Badges definitely help with gaining new players, and help with making players stick around, since there are plenty overachievers out there.


Because they show up on users profiles to indicate that they had a badge awarded to them and it gives people a sense of pride that they got a badge to show people.

Edit: Some people are achievement hunters on consoles like ps4 or xbox so people like that can also achievement hunt on roblox games via badges.

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Adding a badge basically shows that a player has played and achieved certain things.
Something I’ve noticed is once a player obtains a badge knowing that there are more badges they can achieve they won’t give up. They’ll continue to play your game and win more badges.
Badges show that the player who obtained that badge is dedicated to that specific game.
Having badges that are challenging to obtain would keep that user playing your game achieving new things.


well, I play a lot of roblox,
and when I’m playing a game, I like to try and collect badges because when you have finished the game, it gives the players something else to do while the game is being updated.

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Because making a custom badge system, with all the ui is a lot of effort to save a few hundred robux.


Strangely enough, badges are somewhat motivational to gamers. From a developmental perspective, friends and potentially strangers will discover this badge through an individual account. Essentially, badges increase activity, and potentially monetization.

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Badges are shown right on the games page, and they give many players a sense of something they should work up to. Even after they play, they will see those badges and think “I should try to get that”.

Also, if your game is successful, 100 robux will hardly be much at all to spend. The addition will make your game feel more complete overall. For example, what would it be like if Jailbreak or Arsenal didn’t have badges? After you leave the game, there isn’t any sort of connection to Roblox other than through the things saved through DataStore that show up when you come back.

Overall I think badges are a small price to pay for a nice addition that makes the game feel more whole.

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