Why am I getting an infinite yield?

I’m trying to set a variable to a part in my workspace, but the output window is giving me infinite yield. Here’s my script:

local crateOpeningCutscene = game.Workspace:WaitForChild("CrateOpeningCutscene")
local camPosPart1 = crateOpeningCutscene:WaitForChild("CameraPos1")

Here’s the explorer window:
Screenshot 2023-06-17 133821

It’s saying infinite yield for CameraPos1. Why is this happening?

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Is it possible that the camera parts are unanchored and have disabled collisions? They may be falling into the void.


The other thing I was wondering is if this is a LocalScript and you have StreamingEnabled turned on. If that’s the case, then the CameraPos1 part won’t exist until you get near enough to it.

Here’s some more info on StreamingEnabled


Yep, looks like that’s the problem. Is there a way I could fix this using remote events or remote functions?

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If you look at the article I linked, it does talk a bit about ways to handle these scenarios. I’m not entirely sure what your use-case is here so I can’t really advise without more info. I think you can probably just do something like this:

local crateOpeningCutscene = game.Workspace:WaitForChild("CrateOpeningCutscene")

	if (child.Name == 'CameraPos1') then
		-- do stuff with CameraPos1.
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I just looked at the article, and it doesn’t talk about what I need. The part is so far away from the play area that it will never be streamed in, so how could I fix this? is there any way to modify just that part’s streaming or would I have to change the streaming mode?

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You can use Atomic streaming mode on the folder (might need to be a model, unsure.)

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