Why am I getting "HTTP503 Service Unavailable" on this Module?

I’m using this module to get my game’s information.

However, I keep getting a “HTTP503 Service Unavailable” message in Output when I try to run it, and I have no idea why.

Here’s the code for the above module:

---normal server script
local module = require(script.ModuleScript)

local place = module.getPlaceStats(190749311)

for stat, prop in pairs(place) do
	if stat == 'Description' then
		prop = string.sub(prop, 1, 45) .. '...'
	print(stat..': '..prop)

---module script
local module = {}

local HTTP = game:GetService('HttpService')

module.getPlaceStats = function(placeId)
	local stats = {}
	local success, err = pcall(function()
		local API = HTTP:JSONDecode(HTTP:GetAsync('https://www.rprxy.xyz/places/api-get-details?assetId=' .. placeId, true))
		stats = {
			OnlineCount = API.OnlineCount;
			VisitedCount = API.VisitedCount;
			Name = API.Name;
			Created = API.Created;
			Updated = API.Updated;
			Description = API.Description;
			FavoritedCount = API.FavoritedCount;
			TotalUpVotes = API.TotalUpVotes;
			TotalDownVotes = API.TotalDownVotes
	return (err and warn(err)) or stats

return module

This proxy is dead. Use https://www.roproxy.com.

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