Why and what's causing this warning on error report?

What is exactly causing this error? (Error report is set to “1 day”)

I’ve checked trough my scripts using the “Find All / Replace All” and I just cannot find the cause of this server warning. It’s by far the error that most appears in my game (see how the closest one is an internet issue and is 90% less) and I genuinely do not know what to do about it.

I guess it’s not a truly trivial game-breaking issue, but I would like to see the error graphs of my game actually reflect real erorrs instead of the Server warning me a “nil.”

Has anybody else experienced this? Does anybody know how to remedy this?

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When you are in studio, are you receiving this error? Or is it just while the game is running on roblox?

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Neither when it’s running nor when I’m on studio. It just shows up on Error Report.

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