Why are DynamicHead/Facial-Animation heads loading on my avatar after disabling these in-studio?

Hey, I do not want my game to support DynamicHeads/Facial-Animations/whatever they are now called. I disabled EnableDynamicHeads inside of the starter player, disabled LoadCharacterLayeredClothing, my avatars in-game are R6 and facial animations are disabled in my game.

This was working fine from Stevie ####dard’s release up until a day or two ago, now when my character loads in he no longer has the normal head mesh + a face decal, instead having the face in the photo attached (i’m assuming to do with some related dynamic head setting). Is this a bug right now or can I do anything I’m missing about it to make other players have normal heads again? Thanks.

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having the same issue and I’m also looking for a fix

yeah also got that issue
… …

thanks for the bump buds this issue is ridiculous