Why are my ads and icon getting low CTR?

Hi, I’ve recently released a tycoon game, and I’m having trouble trying to advertise/sponsor it.

The Game

Samurai Tycoon [TESTING] - Roblox

I’ve been really unhappy with the CTR my ads are getting. I’ve made around 10 ads at this point, spent 500+ R$ on each of them to test them, and none of them have reached a CTR above 0.6%.

I have no idea what I am doing wrong, and I would appreciate it if someone could give me a few tips/feedback to improve my ads and help me find out what I’m doing wrong. Here are a few of the ads I ran:

This was made by a pretty decent GFX artist, which got 0.2% CTR.

This ad preformed the best, with a CTR of 0.6%

This ad has a different style, and got a CTR of 0.22%

This ad also only got around 0.2% CTR

This is my current Icon, which got a CTR of about 0.1%:

I’d really appreciate some honest feedback, and thanks for your time! :grinning:


The thing is, ads really suck these days. People under 13 don’t see them, and a lot of people over 13 use ad blockers or just don’t click ads. And 500 robux is not that much for ads/sponsors


In all reality, most people don’t play games from clicking an ad anymore, most of them just feel like playing games that youtubers and other influencers play.

Also, in all honesty, no offense, the ad with 0.2% CTR and the one with 0.22% CTR don’t really engage an audience and make them want to click on that ad.

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In addition to all above, kids are more fond of simple stuff. While the 0.1 CTR looks by far the best (even I am impressed), most kids on the platform don’t look unless it is easy for the brain to understand.

You need to understand your target audience and tailor your material to that audience age group. Tycoons are usually simple so it should match the simple nature of it.

My god does it look good though.

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