Why are my animations different Server vs Client?

Howdy developers,

Today I come to you seeking help. This issue seems to be a relatively simple one, I just have no idea what the solution is. In my game you press C to spawn in. In that instant, your BodyDepthScale/BodyWidthScale is set to 0.8. After that, your animations load in.

The problem is that on client your animations look fine, just the way I made them. However when you’re looking at another player’s version of the exact same animation, it looks as if their scales are still set to 1 (note the floating arms).

Does anyone have any ideas as to what might be going on here?

Do you set the BodyDepthScale and BodyWidthScale in a localscript? If yes then set them in a normal script since size changes are not replicated by network ownership.

The values are set in a server ModuleScript.