Why are my animations so laggy?

Yes yes, I know what you moderators are thinking. “Wow, this guy is posting in the wrong topic”. That’s because I don’t have access to studio bug reports, so I have to post it here

Recently I’ve noticed that most, if not all of my animations (mostly viewmodel ones) are EXTREMELY laggy. I’ve never made them laggy, as all of them (previously) were smooth and lag-free.

Here’s a demonstration:

Perhaps is this a new roblox update? Or maybe some unintentional feature. Who knows?

Please help


I have noticed that recently animations tend to stutter a lot. It sort of resembles retro instant movement, very similar to the one shown in your video.
I haven’t yet found a fix, but this appears to happen with most animations on most games. I have tried setting my graphics level to 10 to no avail.

Hmmm. Maybe it’s some kind of new roblox optimization update, and maybe the graphics might be interfereing with the animations…

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For me it tends to happen in areas with a lot of parts. You might be right in that it could be an optimization update to reduce the amount of rendering that needs to be done.
Not that it appears to help. It just makes the game look as if it’s lagging more often.

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Well my area has barely above 20 parts, I wonder why this is happening???

ROBLOX added Animation LOD to probably help performance, I’ve noticed that when you don’t properly look at the animation it starts to lag… here is an example:

I hope ROBLOX will fix this issue soon!


Can confirm, same issue persists in my projects too.


Ok, looks like I’ll have to do some kind of work-around for this. Maybe trick the camera into believing it’s looking at the camera???

Okay I found a hacky work-around

In order make the camera “look” at the viewmodel, you gotta push it forward a little

Basically, just offset it by a tad bit

Actually, ROBLOX already fixed this. I’ve tested multiple times in my game and it doesn’t happen anymore. The example that @AndyDevDE sent has also been fixed, confirmed by him himself.


Oh! Well that’s just very convenient. I guess it’s time to revert those hacky changes :joy:

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