Why are my custom animations slow?

  1. What do you want to achieve?
    We’re having a friendly Halloween competition inside a discord group I’m apart of.
    I’m trying to make a horse that can run on ScriptBuilder or any other game for that matter.
    As such, I can not rely on Roblox’s default Animation object.
    I’m trying to make a custom function that can play a KeyFrameSequence
    (Yes, I know, I’m a terrible animator. This is kinda a proof of concept)

  2. What is the issue?

  3. What solutions have you tried so far?
    I’ve tried two different ways to ease the animations.
    First way is by lerping

ongoingTransforms = {}

local steppedRun = game:GetService('RunService').Stepped

function ease(speed,firstCF,lastCF,motor,increment)
	speed = speed*.5
    ongoingTransforms[motor] = false
    increment = 1/(speed*59)
    for number = 0, 1, increment do
        motor.Transform=firstCF:lerp(lastCF, number)
    ongoingTransforms[motor] = true
    while ongoingTransforms[motor] and steppedRun:Wait() do
         motor.Transform = lastCF

The second way is by trying to use TweenService

loopingMotors = {}

function playOnMotor(motor,cframe,speed)
	if not loopingMotors[motor] then
		loopingMotors[motor] = Instance.new('CFrameValue')
		loopingMotors[motor].Value = motor.Transform
			motor.Transform = loopingMotors[motor].Value
	local TweenService = game.TweenService
	local goal = {}
	goal.Value = cframe
	local tweenInfo = TweenInfo.new(speed,
									Enum.EasingStyle.Circular )
	local tween = TweenService:Create(loopingMotors[motor], tweenInfo, goal)


Both of those methods basically resulted in the same thing.

I’ve also tried using spawn() to multitask different parts of the code.

I couldn’t get any improvements.

You’re free to check out the full code for yourself, but I must warn you that while the code is not completely illegible, I never intended for anyone other than myself to look through it.

Also, as a side note, I know that Motor6D.Transform does not replicate.
To get by that, I’m probably going to have the animation script be a localscript that is given to every player by a modulescript.

Here’s just the code:

Here’s a .rbxm file that contains the horse and the code:
dispeller’s Epic Horse.rbxm (11.8 KB)

Helpful informational links:

Thank you for reading! Any positive feedback would be appreciated.


I am not very experienced with animating, but have you tried using a very small number for the speed variable in the TweenService example?

Side Note: I am pretty sure spawn() has a built in 0.3 second delay so I would use coroutines instead.


Thanks for the suggestion.
I tried using coroutines but to no effect.

I’ve made some minor progress.
(And a new animation)



Not sure what animator plugin your using, but maybe try using the Beta version of the plugin that got released like a week ago? Lots of useful features in it.

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I’m using the one that’s in Roblox studio by default.
The animator plugin shouldn’t make a difference.
What I’m trying to do is play a KeyframeSequence directly without the use of an Animation object.

EDIT: misplaced word

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I think that the issue is that it’s doing this really fast

Whereas the normal animation is doing all the Poses all at once…

I think I’m just not multithreading the poses properly…

Also, I’m going to edit the main post to include links to things that might be informational

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