Why are my droppers dispensing in slow motion?

I am trying to make a tycoon and am generally succeeding. However, when I was editing the prices of the droppers and the money they give, the drops started falling onto the conveyor in slow motion after I bought maybe 3 droppers. The ores aren’t simple cubes, but crystals made from cubes and corner wedges (however, some of these are made into unions). Is my game just lagging?


That kinda sounds like Physics lag, how fast do they dispense?

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They dispense at the normal rate, but it’s like the gravity is slowed by 4x just for the drops.

How many parts do each crystal have?

Each crystal is made of two unions, each of which is made of one rectangle and 8 corner wedges.

you could try changing the collision fidelity to box or hull

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That’s quite a lot of parts, try seeing what happens to the physics when you repalce the crystal with a simple cube. OR it could also be what @Airzy_Az with collisions, although I’m not sure if that would be the case


Uhhhhhh… I reeeeeeealy don’t want the droppers to be a cube beause it would take a lot of work and I want to make a tycoon with more complicated droppers to stand out fom the others. I guess I’ll try this on a different device later and see if I still have the problem.

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Wait I ahe a question, are the crystal’s network owner set to the owner of the tycoon? It could be taht you hae to do that since I think it’s being set to the server

To explain, I believe the network ownership is being set to the server, which puts all the work towards it, which may be part of the cause since it’s being strained. If you get the SetNetworkOwner to whoever owns the tycoon, it’ll distribute the work to each client, which should help

More information: Network Ownership


Network ownership

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The game did lag on another, slightly faster, device but only when I switched tabs. How do I do this set network owner command and what parts(if i have to do that) do i have to set it for?

Alright, first you need to do this (Warning, may be laggy)
type this in command bar after playtesting
game["Run Service"].RenderStepped:Connect(function(step) print("FPS: "..(1/step).." Physics FPS: "..workspace:GetRealPhysicsFPS()) end)

output should be like this
FPS: 60 or lower depending on your computer and lag Physics FPS: something
if physics fps is something like 20 or a lot below 60, that determines whether if it’s physics lag like @EmbatTheHybrid said. Otherwise it’s possibly the hull thing like @Airzy_Aiz said.

The fps varies from 9-66. What does that mean?

turn it into a mesh, export the union model as a obj, and then import it again.

but they are of different transparencies and materials.

you can edit the transparency and material of a mesh part

so the physics fps is 9 sometimes? then that’s the problem.

can it have two different transparencies at the same time?

turn both unions into different meshes, and weld them together

Ok, but how exactly do I do that?