Why are my Games getting so much Hate?

I did a bit of digging in this category, I hope this is the right spot.

Basically, I’ve had a LOT, and I mean a LOT, of negative experiences with my games in the past 2 or 3 months, with one being as recent as earlier today. I’ve had botting threats, alt account spamming, and all that good stuff.
Now, dislikes are okay, I can deal with them. But having random people dislike and hate on my games, most of the time for no reason, is just hurtful.

My games are typically well-received- my lowest rating is an 84 because of the above. However, these random hate occurrences are getting more and more frequent, and it’s getting to the point where I am genuinely worried about reopening my games after the most recent event.

What should I do to prevent these types of things? And if these are somehow not the cause of my current situation, what can I do to make normal players like my games more (if/when I can reopen them)?


Woah, I’ve never gotten threats from people because of a game??

What games do you get such kind of hate on?


All of your games are privated. Open them up so people can provide proper feedback.

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This sounds more like harassment than actually making a bad game.

They sound like bullies with sad lives…


Yeah just like @infiniteRaymond I have never ever seen anyone get threats based upon there games. This is strange. Are you making content that is not good? Like blood, gore, graphic content, etc?


They’re privated because of the ‘feedback’ I’ve been getting, which includes actual threats of dislike botting.

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Report those users. From the ratings on your game 11-2 isn’t all that bad and you only have ~200 visits. I would say those are just a few bad apples.


Also, is there a way you can screenshot and show us this threats? Maybe roblox could deal with these people.


These all happened in-game, and are gone to the void at this point. So sadly, no, I can not. I have reported the person who threatened to bot my games, though, which is a start.


No, all of my games are cartoony/family friendly.

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The only reason i’d see you getting threats like that is if you have banned an exploiter or such which tries to hurt you in a harassment way.

Yk, roblox should add an option to disable ratings on games


It’s mainly my top 2.
I can’t script, and my second most popular gets a bit of negativity for that right off the bat (it’s a very early development building game with no building yet).
My actual most popular is kind of a showcase (it’s in testing which I mention in the title), so maybe people expect a full ‘game’ for some reason and dislike it or hate on it.

That would actually help a lot, honestly. I haven’t banned or kicked anybody from my games, nor have I done anything negative to anybody else.


I love all of these replies, but I would appreciate some feedback on the last part- What should I do to fix this negative attention around my games?

Edit: Another thing, I don’t know how serious this dislike bot threat is (they’ve done it before to other people, but nothing happened to me since I closed the games). Is it ‘safe’ to reopen my games, or will they actually go through with this?

People want quality games, you will get better ratings if you add guis in the game, saying this game is in beta, alpha, etc, so they understand the game under development, so its not finished.
You will always get dislikes, this is because raging people, if they lose they dislike, if its a heavy game, and their device doesnt suppoert it, the dislike, we have to live with this problem, and make good games to have great quantity of thumbs up, more than dislikes

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Because people less than 30 years old and more than 4 years old are in the range of supreme toxicity and they go do whatever they want and are all entitled. It is a PAIN getting feedback on a game after working on it for HOURS, it is A MASSIVE PAIN when you ask your beta tester to test and hope for some positive experiences and instead they say “Is that all”, I worked hard on my games, this is the stuff I receive, there is so MUCH corruption in every human that it makes me want to literally learn to hack just for payback. Ofc I won’t because I don’t want to get banned. Roblox’s community is so toxic, you say something you will get bullied, maybe gangsta bullied if you don’t have something in common with them. I have never been more ticked in my life, this is the perfect post to spread awareness about roblox’s negativity, all you gotta do though is use admin commands and nuke them, they don’t deserve to share their opinion with you if it is negative.


While I do agree with the feedback and hard work stuff, I don’t want to pointlessly attack those people. I just want them to not do this kind of stuff.

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This is my opinion, but…
If this keeps happening and you don’t have a thought out solution yet, you should think of hiring moderators and administrators who are trusted to deal with the people who try to attack you. This is perfectly normal for games. You’re bound to be threatened. I’d say not to take these seriously, and most of the times the people who threaten you don’t actually have the courage to do it. If it does happen, you should make a plan to deal with it.


I don’t really have anything to say Bec of the things already mentioned but try keep a good reputation is all I can recommend, not saying you don’t or do already. But I think that’s a important thing, but it also depends on the games and people playing

Quick update; I reopened my games again. Hopefully nothing bad happens for a while- I was contemplating quitting Roblox at one point…

Wth? I don’t think that has ever happened before. What is in your games that offends people so much? I see no reason to hate on your games. This is weird. Maybe someone has personal beef with you or your game.