Why are my sponsored ads so bad?

Am so sorry if I selected the wrong category but…
I run a few sponsored ads on my new game but the ads are so bad, nobody clicks them…
here are the ad stats:

If anybody tells me what am doing wrong I will be very happy.
Game link: Forever Wall - Roblox


70k visits in 2 months is pretty decent! Obviously there is some interest in the game. I’m guessing the ad just needs some work.

Just post the ad image you are using here, not the stats. It’s tough to tell what the actual ad says.
We might have some suggestions about how to remake your ad.

Another thing I’d recommend is instead of naming the ad Forever Wall, try naming it with a very brief descriptive title like You can play for hours! (or whatever). That way when the mouse icon changes to the ad name when someone puts their curson on the ad you can have the displayed name of the ad show up. Mouse over different ads on the site and you’ll see what I mean.


its sponsored ads…
so it shows an game icon.

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its sponsored ads, not user ads…

Yes, but show us the picture you used as the game icon so we can give you suggestions.
I just can’t read anything from your previous images, and when I go to the game link it’s a different thumbnail picture.
Even the game icon is so small on my screen I can’t read what the image says, other than it seems to be just a bunch of sayings with ‘forever’ in them.
Can you imagine starting out a brand name and product in real life, advertising with just your brand name and absolutely no other information?


Game icon does look a little dull to me… you gotta spice it up somehow

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“Forever Wall” is the only text I can read on my 4k monitor, and that is almost certainly going to be a bigger problem the lower resolution your screen is. I guarantee you that it’s all completely intelligible on mobile. This is why a lot of game thumbnails are images illustrating what you can do in the game, and not just a bunch of words, no offense.


the this is i don’t want want to let people see the other small texts/signs but I need to put here something!

I don’t understand. Why do you not want people to be able to see parts of your ad? Your ad should be a whole, cohesive unit; making detailed parts that you don’t want people to be able to look at seems like a waste of effort.