Why are people not playing my game?

I just created a new game called “Block Battles.”

It’s a very easy and simple game. Simple games (like simulators) tend to do better than more complicated games.

It’s very similar to Jenga except there’s different gamemodes and abilities to make it more fun/challenging.

I spent 5k robux on sponsorship, but people don’t want to actually play the game itself.

No one is really actually playing it once they click on it. Yet alone many impressions but no one is clicking.

I picked Sponsorship because it actually gets me more clicks than advertisement does, I have no idea why.

Most of the time, asking YouTubers won’t work because they will pretty much ignore responses. I’ve posted videos of my older games on YouTube and TikTok but no one watches it, and only gets like 10 views.

How can I just get the game out there with publicity? It seems so challenging now, especially ads/sponsorships don’t work well as they used to back years ago.


I would have tested the vibes with 1000 robux each for ads and sponsors first. But you do have a lot of impressions with hardly any clicks. Maybe it’s because of your target age group.


If you look at the front page of Roblox, you’ll notice that most of the icons are very colorful and eye-catching, while yours is a little duller with a darker brown primary color and not much happening in the background. I don’t recommend making your icon clickbait or anything, but making / commissioning a more visually appealing one may help.

Some other things you have to take into consideration is the game itself: it is very similar to other games on roblox, and people will most likely not play the newer one unless a large change has been made.

Finally, I would definitely add an “invite friends” menu to the game, as this game seems like it would keep players longer if it was multiple people playing together.


So my game would be better for under 13 year olds?

  1. Ok, that makes sense, my older game has a brighter and vibrant appealing so it made sense that it got more visits.
  2. Ok, it makes sense though I don’t know if I made a big change but I made a good amount of change.
  3. I already added an invite friends menu.
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According to your sponsor ads, yes. But you should take the advice to make a better sponsored ad.

Good luck,

I remember Roblox said they were gonna add the ability to join groups from within game kinda like how you can buy Premium from in game now… If you add group benfits and the group join prompt this will steadily grow ur users player base infact im pretty sure thats how most large games get popular today!