Why are simulator type of games popular these days?

:roblox: Why are simulator type of games popular these days? :thinking:
I get this question asked frequently, why/how are simulator type of games are popular? Any answer to this question would be really appreciated! :dizzy:


not all simulators are popular, if you try to search, most of them already died, the genre of simulator is dying.
nowadays the popular ones like anime fighting simulator combines RPG and Simulator.
the game took the fun part of RPG which is :

  • Cool Skills
  • Exploration

and combine it with the fun part of simulator, which is :

  • Easy but Long Grind
  • Gacha

so, the popular Simulators are the ones that has an unique gameplay, the basic simulator that just grind,gacha,grind are dying.


Simulators are popular because, young kids will play pretty much anything. Especially where they can “unlock” a new pet, 10k coin or something like that which is what most ads are doing to reel in kids to play. If you play for 1 hour, you get XYZ! Simulators become more unpopular the older the player is.There is also other aspects like gambling (shouldnt be allowed but it is) where you have a % of unlocking something. It’s a huge cycle. Every game is designed to be addictive but simulators are just reeling in younger audiences and getting them addicted even more with promises of a new pet, skin, outfit etc. That being said, simulators are dying. It happens to every major genre, tycoons, roleplay adopt me games and now simulators. Something else will take over and the cycle continues, the only reason devs continue to make simulators is simply, money. It’s an easy way to get rich quickly but since their hearts are not in it and their only goal is robux/money, they do not actually care for the game and simulators are generally bad because of this. hope this long response helped

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I mean, not all simulators are popular - some of them are dying out, like @eyrtuiop232 mentioned. These days, the addicting/popular simulators have to have another genre combined with them for the game to actually be interesting. If you make a simulator game to start off, that’s understandable because they’re sort of like “money grab” games. But for your main game that you want to be known for, I do not suggest making a simulator unless you are combining other genres with it and are absolutely sure people will like it.

Simulators used to be super popular, from what I’ve heard, but now fewer and fewer are actually getting attention. Hope this helped! :smiley:

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It’s dead simple. As already some said Simulators are games that have combined game features. They can be roleplay on the other hand they can also be single player. Additionally, you can make a simulator for every job as its a simulator that simulates the job. The only reason it’s popular is because you can put yourself into positions that you wouldn’t be able to in real life.
In real life you can’t be a trucker, military guy, policeman and doctor at the same time but through these simulators you can which makes them fun as you’ve never experienced such a thing. (it’s simple brain play)

I hope this helped you in a way! :slight_smile:

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The really bad kinda simulater is slowly oofing,most of them playing are just Kids,that are like aroun 9 to 11,back then I also played alot of it,but realised soon what cashgrab they were and often how booring they are