Why Are The Eyes Not Moving?

Hi, I was just able to create a PAC-Man that opens and closes it mouth, the only roubles is taht the eyes I created dotn move with the mouth, I tried using WeldConstraints, setting the PrimaryPart and Anchor different things, but it’s not working! I don’t know why! If someone is able to help me here’s everything:

Footage of the problem:

If anybody is able to help I will be very grateful as I need to be down this ASAP

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You could use the plugin: RIG EDITOR LITE which makes joints or weldscontraints which is used to make Dummies or NPCS

Make sure that the eyes are not anchored and that they are welded to the bottom or the top

I already tried by making them not anchored and welded to the top but it doesn’t work

I’ll check that right now!

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I seem to not be able to find it :slightly_frowning_face:


You should try sending a screenshot via computer and no another device, Also, you can try using Motor6Ds to keep the Objects Welded and not be Effected when Rigging

mOh ok, sorry for the bad screenshots, also I don’t know how to use Motor6Ds b it I’ll try

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Edit: neither Motor6Ds not the Rig Editor work, I don’t know what’s the problem

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Hello! I was able to solve the problem, I simply Unione the Eyes and the Top

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