Why Are There Multiple Completely Unused Path Status On The Wiki?

I’ve been working on a pathfinding thing, and I’m running into the issue of a path being too long(at least I’m fairly certain that’s the issue since I’ve removed practically every other restriction and it still didn’t work)

I noticed on the wiki there are actually 6 status for paths(path status), and yet I can only get NoPath and Success, when it would be great if I could use something like ClosestNoPath, which returns the path that gets closest to the destination.

so if any of you smart people out there know what that’s about, I’d appreciate a slight explanation(or a major one if you’re up to it :D) of how I can, if it’s possible to, access these

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This release notes post appears to be the update that marked the EnumItems of Enum.PathStatus other than Success and NoPath as deprecated. Note the link to the old wiki.roblox appears to be broken, however the github link still works.

About two months ago [circa July '17?], Roblox pushed out the NavigationService. This service was planned to be the successor to the PathfindingService, but it seems Roblox has decided to merge these new APIs into the PathfindingService instead. The old pathfinding API has been deprecated in favor of the new APIs.

So it sounds like the other EnumItems were deprecated likely because they just didn’t make sense in the context of the new PathfindingService API.

well that’s minorly annoying, but thanks for responding, guess I’ve got to come up with a different solution, I really wish Roblox would give us nice things now and then.

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